waited too late to file bankruptcyBecause Ginsberg Law Offices is well known for bankruptcy representation in the Atlanta metro area, we often get emergency calls from potential clients who need immediate action.  The days before foreclosure sales (held on the first Tuesday of the month) are always busy.  Similarly, we frequently hear from anxious people who are literally driving around to avoid the repo agent, or from employees who have only a few hours to stop a wage garnishment.

If you are facing one of these emergency situations, please relax – we can and will help you.  Because bankruptcy is our primary area of practice, we can schedule an emergency appointment for you immediately.

Remember, however, that before we can file a case for you, you will need to obtain your certificate of credit counseling.

Electronic Filing = Immediate Protection

As an authorized user of the Bankruptcy Court’s electronic filing system, our firm can file over a secure Internet connection with the Clerk of Court.  Once your case is filed, we will generate an official proof of filing that you can show to any aggressive creditor, repossession agent or even to a state court judge.

Further, once we file your case, your attorney will telephone or fax any lawyer, creditor or collection agent who is threatening immediate action.  We have contact information for most of the collection agencies and collection lawyers in the country and we will act fast to serve you.

You can ignore the misinformation spread by many collection agents and repossession agents.  The minute we file your case, you are protected.  It does not matter that the creditor has not received any official notice – except in limited cases, once we have a case number, you are automatically protected.

When You Really are Too Late

In some situations it really is too late to get much benefit from bankruptcy.

If this is your second or third active bankruptcy case pending within the previous year or if your last case was dismissed “with prejudice” the automatic stay may not go into effect when you file.  If you house has already been foreclosed, a post-foreclosure sale bankruptcy will most likely not help you.  If your vehicle has been repossessed and sold at auction, you may not have any bankruptcy recourse.   There are exceptions to every rule, but you are much better off addressing your debt problems before you are in an emergency mode.

Ginsberg Law Offices welcomes the difficult bankruptcy cases that other firms turn away.  We are prepared to act quickly and forcefully to protect your rights.  Please call us at 770-393-4985 to discuss your debt problems.  You may also want to visit our YouTube channel to learn more about the bankruptcy rules that apply in Atlanta area filings.


Jonathan Ginsberg represents honest, hardworking men and women in the Atlanta area who need bankruptcy protection. Call him at 770-393-4985 for a confidential discussion.

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